How to ping blog to search engine

What is ping? in definition blog ping is a signal send by your blog server to other web server in order to verify its existence. It is vital for bloggers as it notify others about the existence of your site and your blog update.
To say it shortly pinging is a way you can boost traffic to your blog.
Advantage of pinging - it notifies others of your new blog entries.
Things to not do with pinging - is over pinging when you do not produce any new article.
Where to ping your blog site ? Pinging your site can be a very hassling tasks if you do it manually. To avoid all the hassle, here are some free pinging website that you can go to Ping O Matic, Pingler, Autopinger.
Just follow the instructions provided in the Pinglers site. The job is automatically done for you and save d hassale. Easy ukhzz. :)


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